SO, STILL NO GUESTS? The latest Pepsi Halftime rumor is that Tony Bennett will not be there, but introduce Lady Gaga in a video countdown.

ANOTHER ONE? Syfy Channel has greenlit Sharknado 5, it will air later this year.

QUEEN IS STILL IN! Beyonce is still going to perform at the Grammys on February 12th. Lemonade is nominated for an Album of the Year Grammy

BETTER LATE THAN NEVER: Thieves recently stole $200,000 worth of valuables from Nicki Minaj's L.A. mansion so she's beefing up her security big time.

THE GHOST OF DRINKING PAST: Bud Light is bringing back their 1980's mascot Spuds MacKenzie for their Super Bowl commercial this year. Spuds' ghost will help a man get his social life back on track

BRING IT! Soulja Boy claimed on Instagram that Chris Brown has yet to sign his boxing contract and is now ducking him. "Don't get scared now. Ain't no backing down. You challenged me to a fight now let's get it."