Zcare is here for you…

August 17th, 2014


Z93 welcomes you to the ZCare page.  We are proud to announce our new sponsor, Valley View Mall!  ZCare is here to help our friends and neighbors in the La Crosse and surrounding area.  You’ll find a list of events and benefits in our community below.  Please take the time to check them out.  If you have a benefit you’d like us to list or are in need of our assistance, please contact us at ZCare PO Box 99 La Crosse, WI 54602 or email us zcare@z933.com.


August 10th, 2014
August 23, 2014
10:00 amto4:00 pm


Join us Saturday, August 23rd to “Stuff the Bus” with Ready Bus Inc. from 10am-4pm at Valley View Mall (in Center Court).  Wouldn’t it be nice if every boy and girl had a new outfit for back to school?  We’re collecting your generous donations! 

The La Crosse County Human Services, Family and Children’s Section, will distribute your donations to those in need, in La Crosse and the surrounding area!    This will take place during the Back to School Block Party at Valley View Mall.  A lot of fun activities for all ages, and entertainment!  For a schedule of events, and more info, click here!

Chris Meier Fun Day and Memorial

August 9th, 2014
August 23, 2014

chris-meier.JPGJoin us for a walk, in memory of Chris Meier.  She loved walking and helping others in any way she could.   Chris was supposed to find out the day she passed, if she had breast cancer.  Chris’ family asks you to join for a fun walk, a silent auction and a few speakers who have had/have breast cancer.  Let’s raise awareness, and fight back!

Saturday, August 23rd at 1pm in the Buffalo City Park (Buffalo City Park 241 W 10th St Cochrane, WI 54622)

For more info, click here!

Wanda Neumann Cancer Benefit

August 5th, 2014
August 30, 2014
12:00 pmto7:00 pm

Wanda has been fighting lung cancer for over a year, and recently found out it has spread to her brain.  Wanda is a mother of two sons, one of whom is entering his senior year of high school.  She is also a grandmother, sister, aunt, and dear friend.  Please join us for a benefit to support Wanda, and her family, during this difficult time.

  • Saturday, August 30th at All Star Lanes Banquet Hall (La Crosse) from Noon to 7pm
  • Door prizes, raffles, food, drinks, and more!
  • For more info, please contact 608-385-7779 or ray.nelson15@yahoo.com

Community Singles Hike

July 30th, 2014

Mississippi Valley Conservancy, with the support of ZCare, brings you the first annual Singles Hike!

Thursday, September 11th from 5:00 – 7:00p.m.

Are you looking to meet like-minded people in a fresh and new setting?  If so, you are invited to join us on a guided hike of Miller Bluff in the La Crosse Blufflands.  We will enjoy a casual hike on flat to semi rolling terrain, out to one of our most picturesque bluffs, and finish with a social at the Alpine Inn.

With its large sheer rock face, Miller bluff is one of the most beautiful and scenic bluffs that has been permanently protected by Mississippi Valley Conservancy. Distance: approximately ¼ mile hike out to beautiful overlook

Bring a water bottle, and wear hiking or tennis shoes

Directions: From La Crosse take Losey Blvd. to Main street. Head east up Bliss road, past the Alpine Inn. Turn left onto Cty Hwy FA and follow past the weather station to Rim of City road. Turn left on to Rim of City road and follow for ½ mile to Cul Du Sac

Thank You!

May 1st, 2013


ZCare, along with Valley View Mall, supports local organizations, families, and more, in the La Crosse and surrounding area. It is very heart warming when people in our community are generous, and give back to ZCare! Special thanks to Jenni Seberg, Caleb Roberts, and Sara Schneider (students at Western Technical College). As part of their Management Accounting Project, they raised funds for ZCare! They dropped off a generous donation of $260.00! Thank you for thinking of us, and for giving back to the community! We hope you get an A+ on your presentation!


May 1st, 2013

On behalf of the Move Out Sustainability Team, I want to extend the biggest possible “Thank You” to you, Marco, and the whole ZCare/Z93 family.

Without your help, Dumpster Diversion would not have been nearly as successful as it was, and IT WAS!  The student neighborhoods were more clean than ever.

All together we gathered five, 40 yard dumpsters worth of stuff that would have ended up on curbs and boulevards of La Crosse (things like dirty damage couches and mattresses/box frames, and old furniture), plus a semi and a half of donations to Goodwill (things like clothes, nice furniture of all kinds, and a random assortment of other things), and roughly two tons of recyled TVs and other electronics.

Thank you, so very much, for working with us this year and we look forward to building on this success in the future.  Our community owes you all an incredible debt of gratitude.

Sincerely, Andrew Londre (UW-La Crosse Senior)

Helping the Norma J. Vinger Center For Breast Care

December 4th, 2012


Every adult is at risk for breast cancer.  More than 200,000 women in the U.S. are diagnosed each year and men can be at risk as well. Despite advances made in breast cancer treatment, early detection remains the best way to fight the disease.  The model of care used at the Norma J. Vinger Center for Breast Care, located in Gundersen Lutheran, surrounds the patient with a team of specialists, using a coordinated approach that results in fast diagnosis and a streamlined pathway through treatment.  Click here to learn more.

In November, Z93 hosted the 2nd Annual Divafest which is a celebration for women.  It is a fun night of shopping, wine tasting, entertainment, and more!  Over 800 women attended Divafest at the Radisson Ballroom, La Crosse.  With your generosity, we were able to donate $2,000 to the Norma J. Vinger Center for Breast Care.  The donation included a portion of the ticket sales from Divafest, along with a matched donation from ZCare.  Thank you for your contribution, and we hope to see you again next year at Divafest!  And hopefully, we can raise even more money to help those affected by Breast Cancer!

Thank You, Dr. Gavin and Valley Dental!

November 10th, 2012


On Friday, November 9th Valley Dental, in Onalaska, held an event called Dentistry from the Heart.  They offered free dental care for one day, on a first come first serve basis.  We wanted you to know how much this impacted our community, and how many people benefited from the generosity of Valley Dental and Dr. Gavin!

  • 15 people were in the parking lot with sleeping bags by 2:30 am, the morning of to be first in line (reported by police).
  • 105 people were registered upon opening at 7:00am
  • 141 total people registered
  • 32 people were seen by Doctor Gavin
  • 65+ people were seen by Hygienists & Assistants
  • The balance of people who showed up, but were not helped due to time constraints, will be scheduled during the next year (Dr. Gavin and Staff will donate 5 hours per week until caught up).

Thank you to Valley Dental and Dr. Gavin for your generosity, donated services, and your donated time!


Thank You from Nicole Cooksey

January 20th, 2011

I wanted to thank Z Care for all the great things that is does for this community.  Specifically, I want to thank you for the donation we received in the form of gas cards at Christmas time last year.  Our daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia almost a year ago.  Ever since then her grandparents, who live in Texas, have been trying to find a way to see her to make sure with their own eyes that she is okay and to give her lots of “grandma and grandpa” hugs and kisses.  Due to their own health issues they were not able to make it up here this year so we decided that if Raylin’s health permitted it, we would visit them in Texas at Christmas time.  With the doctor’s okay and the gift of the gas cards, we were able to go to Texas and spend time with them.  It was an awesome vacation for us as it allowed us to take our minds off of all the dr. appointments and clinic trips lately.  It was awesome for Raylin’s grandparents because they finally got to see her in person since her diagnosis and reassure themselves that in the long run she’ll be okay.  For that, I thank you.  Sincerely, 

Nicole Cooksey