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Does anything in Minnesota get named without the public’s help anymore? They’re in the midst of getting a new state flag. Seems that every year the internet’s being asked to […]

There really isn’t a ton to say about this other than WATCH THIS RIGHT NOW! Although, it’s worth mentioning that this is Olivia’s second performing a Tiny Desk Concert. The […]

You’d be hard pressed to find many artists that are having a moment like singer-songwriter Zach Bryan. But even as Zach’s selling out massive stadiums and festivals, he was able […]

All I can say is, “Bravo” It’s become an all too common practice of folks being compelled to share their opinion on TV personalities’ appearances and clothing. Which, frankly, I […]

Over the last few years, Chicago has become quickly become one of my favorite places to visit. And getting to see the city all dressed up for Christmas made it […]

During the epic Taylor and Travis era, there has been a lot of time spent showing Tay hanging in a private suite during Chiefs games. But one Packers fan wrote […]

The 12 and final season of the hit Canadian sitcom Letterkenny is set to debut on Hulu December 26th. To whet your appetite, they were kind enough to give us […]

It’s that time once again! It’s really hard to not be in the Christmas spirit while enjoying your favorite classic specials. CBS released their Holiday Special schedule so here’s a […]

The drive from La Crosse to Milwaukee is daunting. By the time you reach Madison, you’re already sick of being in the car. To top it off, you still have […]

Normally, when we see a headline that reads, “So and So tweeted this ten years ago and…” that individual is on their way to being cancelled. Not the case with […]

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