Aaron Scott lives in Tomah, WI and was on the most recent season of NBC’s The Voice. He’s got a new single and he’s booked for Riverfest, in La Crosse, on Wednesday, June 30 at 9pm! Can’t wait to rock out with all of you June 30th! Posted by Aaron Scott on Thursday, February 18, 2021 […]

Post Malone never shies away from an opportunity to show his love for 90’s music. You may remember last spring when performed a bunch of Nirvana covers virtually. And it was freaking awesome. So Posty will be performing a free virtual concert celebrating the 25th anniversary of Pokemon (!!!), Saturday via their official YouTube and […]

Today’s Savannah Guthrie did the “Six-Minute Marathon” with actress Salma Hayek. Salma shares her favorite movies & TV shows, new projects, how she sings in the shower, and so much more! These two make “middle-age” look good! It’s also nice to know they’re actually more like us than we think (minus the millions, of course). […]

We’ve been masking up for almost a year now so we all know how to do it, right? Right?! Using masks consistently and correctly is so important for protection. Well, there’s been some talk about double masking lately and some questions about if you need to replace your cloth mask after wearing, and washing, it […]

It was announced today that several major streets in the city of La Crosse will be among the list of repair projects in 2021. Jackson Street and State Road are set see repairs this year. So while a lot of chatter on social media has been positive there have, of course, been grumbles about why […]

The Voice coaches are taking a trip back to the ’80s in their new promo video, singing Rick Astley’s “Together Forever”. These guys are hilarious and we can’t wait for the premier on Monday! It’s about as cheesy as it gets, but the back up dancing is on point! And their outfits are fantastic! Nick […]

Coach announced their fall line, Coach Forever Season 2. While I don’t care much about what the line offers, the vinettes they released are great! One answers the question: What if Megan Thee Stallion was Regina George from Mean Girls? Another promo shows J-Lo singing Blondie! And a Shaft parody with Michael B. Jordan, featuring […]

Sick of packing multiple pairs of underwear? A Minnesota company has the answer to your struggles: HercLéon Kribi. They boast that its The World’s Cleanest Underwear! Allegedly, you could wear the same pair for days, weeks, or even months without getting smelly. How? Well, first you have to air them out between wears, so that’s […]

Colt Clark and the Quarantine Kids, The Clark Family Creative, make me so happy! Colt Clark, his wife Aubree behind the camera, and their three talented and adorable kids, have taken advantage of the extra family time. During the pandemic, they have been performing from their living room to bring us joy and it’s definitely […]

As you know, I’m a lover of high-end makeup, but the drugstore has stepped up their game so much. Honestly, drugstore makeup keeps getting better and better that most days; I gravitate towards my drugstore makeup over high-end makeup. I honestly love the convenience of drugstore makeup because it’s so easy to restock your favorite […]

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