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Haven’t met the right guy yet?  We all struggle with finding the “perfect” relationship.  Truth is…there are no “perfect relationships” because humans are not perfect.  However, you can certainly strive to find the person who compliments you and the person who will treat you the way you treat others.

You probably think that he doesn’t exist and you’ll never find him.  I can tell you…he DOES exist, he’s waiting for YOU, and you WILL find him!  And I’ll bet you’re tired of hearing people say that.  I was too. 

I had a string of bad relationships, I was cheated on several times, and I always felt that I was giving my all and I wasn’t getting anything in return.  I have had my heart ripped out and stepped on over and over.  So one day I just gave up.  I spent 2 years by myself.  I didn’t go on any dates, I had no interest in meeting anyone, and I concentrated on me.  I found out a lot about myself and took the time to figure out what was truly important to me.  What would make me happy in a partner?  What would it take for me to trust someone with my heart again? 

During my strike I received an email from my boss’s friend, telling me that she worked with a guy who would be “perfect for me.”  I told her I was not interested and I was too busy.  People were always trying to set me up with the “perfect guy for me.”  I was not interested.  So…she let it go…for a while.  I ran into her months later and she insisted that I please just trust her.  So, I decided to take a chance.  I met him for a date, with zero expectations, and we’ve been together ever since.  He’s the man I have been searching for and he’s the love of my life!  Turns out, sometimes set ups do work.  Thank God I took a chance.  All of a sudden, “You’ll just know when you find the right one” became a reality.  I get it now.

A friend of mine is currently searching for love in all the wrong places.  She posted this list on my Facebook page.  I love this list, because I feel there is nothing wrong with wanting all of these things in a partner.  You may not get all of these, but if you’re not getting ANY of these…then you’re setting the bar too low.  Check it out!

You are worth it!

~Brittany Styles

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