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The Umbrella Academy returns to Netflix with Season 2 on July 31. They posted a little teaser trailer with the cast (scroll down to view) but that wasn’t enough for me. We LOVED the first season and have been waiting patiently-ish for the new season. The new trailer looks epic and we can’t wait!! If […]

2020 hasn’t given us much to look forward to, so we’ll take what we can get. Will there be trick or treating this year? Who knows, but there will be candy! Hershey’s announced new candy for 2020 and we’re interested! Kit Kat will have a Witch’s Brew with green marshmallow flavored coating while Reese’s debuts […]

Need some back up from #science that a dog may be a good addition to your family? Cool, Pediatric Research has you covered. They released a study that children from dog-owning households had reduced likelihood of many negative behaviors and increased physical movement. Not too surprisingly, owning, walking and playing with a family dog could […]

Just when we thought 2020 couldn’t get any weirder, Merriam-Webster now says the unnecessarily redundant term “irregardless” is now officially a definable word. After decades of debate, Merriam-Webster sarcastically declares that English is dead in response to a Twitter user pointing out “irregardless” is in their dictionary. Yep. English is literally dead. https://t.co/hGVXeSNDV7 — Merriam-Webster […]

When you’re on your way home from your own wedding, you don’t expect to stop and help an injured citizen in your bridal gown, but that’s exactly what happened to Rachel! The 22-year-old newlywed was driving with her husband of mere hours, Calvin, when they came across a 4 car crash in South St. Paul. […]

Heinz is officially kicking off National Ice Cream Month with DIY ice cream kits. Using a range of Heinz Sauces, you can make your very own ‘Heinz Creamz’ at home! Pick your flavorite: Ketchup, BBQ, Mayo, Saucey Sauce, and perhaps the most disgusting option: Salad Cream. The kits include the sauce, an ice cream tub, […]

Last weekend, as part of Black Leaders Acquiring Collective Knowledge‘s Juneteenth Celebration, Enduring Families and the La Crosse County Historical Society put together a self-guided tour of historically significant sites and black people in La Crosse’s history. You can still check out the locations and listen to the stories HERE. Now, Hear, Here and La Crosse Public Library Archives & […]

Z93 Sponsors Mandi Eckelberg, part of Eckelberg Family Racing, at the La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway. She races in the late model division, but this Saturday she’ll be watching SMASH O RAMA! Mandi gives us the lowdown on Monster Trucks, the BIG AIR ATV show, BOAT RACE of Destruction, fireworks and more: Gates open at 6:00, […]

In May, Disney announced plans for the first-ever unscripted Muppets series. Muppets Now debuts July 31 with improv and sketch comedy, celebrity guests, and more! While Joe, the Legal Weasel, won’t let Kermit give all the deets, we spotted Aubrey Plaza, RuPaul , and Seth Rogan in the trailer. Lights! Music! Muppets! …Unscripted! Get ready […]

Summer Camp cancelled this year? No worries, YouTube has your back! They released 1200 videos as part of #CampYouTube and will have new updates coming daily for the next couple weeks. There’s even different #CampYouTube bingo boards for teens and younger kids to cross off camp activities when they finish! You’ll need a YouTube kids […]


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