Written by on January 14, 2019

A longtime listener of ours needs a kidney! He’s been fighting kidney failure for about 3 years and needs a kidney transplant. He is currently on dialysis and unfortunately had to quit his job to focus on his health. A live kidney donor can help keep him from needing another kidney for possibly 30+ years.

He and his wife Mai Ge have been working very hard to find a live donor for James. He told us, “Because the transplant procedure costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, we really need help to get through this! My wife and I don’t want to look back if we get through this! We’re hoping for me to get back on my feet so we can move forward, start a family, and hopefully live like normal people.”

He’s registered into 2 separate donor list, Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN and Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee, WI. You can contact his transplant coordinators is you or someone you know is able to help:Mayo Clinic Hospital in Rochester MN- Tammy Kazel, 1-866-249-1648; Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee WI – Deb Cook, 414-805-1460 

Follow James and Mai Ge’s jouney on their Facebook page HERE

You can donate to the Facebook fundraiser for James and Mai Ge HERE


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