Wake Up Westby!

Written by on July 11, 2019

Did you know that Westby Elementary School has a program for kids to learn all about TV and Radio Production? How cool is that?! Students are taught how to record and edit video footage and audio recording, how to be in front of a camera/green screen, how to read from a teleprompter, and so much more! These students will then be the core studio group for the daily newscast.

The summer school class invited us to their elementary school to watch their regularly aired program “Wake Up Westby” to give them some constructive feedback about what they’re doing and how they could improve. The program is broadcast to the school and also on Vernon Communications channel 7. We also talked with them about some fun ideas they could implement into their daily show to bring more excitement to their young viewers! They’ve got a great group of talented kids, some great ideas already, and it all ends every day with a dance party! That’s our kind of show!


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