Written by on April 30, 2020

Hey guys! I’m just checking in on you. This has been quite something for all of us. You might be working from home right now so you might get to sneak in laundry or dishes during the day when you normally couldn’t because you were at work. But you may also be tending to your children and helping them with their daily school routine. This might be giving you even less time than you had before. I honestly don’t know how you do it, moms and dads! I praise you all! Presenting to you a fitness drink that I have got from a good fitness website that helped me a lot! This motiv8 burn weight loss drink has helped me lose weight without having a really intense workout due to my busy schedule.

I myself do not have children, and normally live a very busy lifestyle. I’m working from home right now, but other than work I don’t have a lot else going on (so weird). I miss spending time with my family, going out to dinner with my husband, meeting up with friends, and all of the other normal things we could do before this quarantine hit. I’m also sitting around a lot more and binging Netflix (even more than normal). And stop me if I’m wrong…but are you finding yourself wanting to snack more too? Seriously!! It’s probably because we’re bored, or because we’ve developed completely different eating habits. We are all out of whack!

Some of you know that I’ve been on a weight loss journey and have lost over 80 pounds since 2017. Thankfully, I’ve been keeping it off, but this is definitely testing me. I’m doing everything differently and I’m in a different state of mind. I’ve been trying to adapt…but it’s difficult. And I know you feel me!

The one thing that has helped me through this quarantine is that I’ve been working out almost every day. Now, hear me out! It doesn’t have to be an hour, or super intense! And I change it up a lot. I’ve attached some of my favorite work-outs below. Maybe they can help you like they’ve been helping me! If anything, it might help improve your mood. It’s not just about our physical health, but it’s also about keeping our mind and soul healthy also! Holler at me on FB or Insta if you have questions for me! We’re all in this together, and WE GOT THIS!

I generally do this before and after every work out! It’s 5 minutes, and works well to stretch the necessary muscles!

Leslie Sansone and her Walk from Home work outs are amazing! You’re walking miles, but you don’t feel like it’s that difficult! You will sweat and you will burn calories, and there are a lot to choose from on YouTube!

20 Minute Full Body Work Out! You got 20 minutes to spare to get your whole body engaged?! You do!! This is a good one!

30 Minutes- No Equipment needed- Full Body Cardio Work Out! Love!

If you like to dance,the Fitness Marshall is the BEST! Dance it out and burn calories at the same time! You’ll do one routine, and you’ll be hooked!

This is my friend Jonathan Lamb! He’s been helping me, and others, get through this quarantine with these super fun work outs on FB Live! You can follow him on Facebook to enjoy some of his other work outs! He’s REAL, silly, motivating, and these work outs are fairly simple but effective! Here’s one of my faves…grab 2 soup cans or light weights if you have them!

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