Election Season Tips

Written by on September 30, 2020

I think all of America was super bummed after Tuesday night’s debate, which included two 80 year old men trying to yell louder than the other. Every election season is stressful, but 2020 has to be the worst. A pandemic, climate change, and racial tensions have raised the stakes seemingly higher than ever before.

But fear not- I have a great tip for dealing with election season! I’m sure you’re all receiving junk mail from candidates and candidates parties? I have found it very therapeutic to save these mailers, and use my scissors to cut out the highlights to add to my collage on the refrigerator.

My favorite race is for state senate, featuring Brad Pfaff and Dan Kapanke. I have many cutouts of both of their heads adorning the door of my fridge, all adding up to create an eclectic mix of election artwork.

I also like to cutout and save some of the intense buzzwords: the words LIBERAL DEMOCRAT, BIG CORPORATIONS, RIGHT WING EXTREMISTS, LAW AND ORDER and THUGS are all taped to my fridge to add color and context to my masterpiece.

This election season is still unbelievably stressful, but I’ve found a good way to make light of the situation, and now I have a reason to be excited to go check my mail! My masterpiece is not yet finished, but I’ll take a picture of the finished product soon and share it. It will be worthy of a museum.

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