Written by on October 30, 2020

It’s ok. You weren’t feeling it and you didn’t want it to be awkward, so you thought avoiding it all together would be the best option. So, you ghosted them. Well, sometimes we make mistakes and realize that person may deserve another chance. But how do you go back in time and correct your mistake? Well, you can’t go back in time…but you can use Tinder’s newest Halloween-themed feature, “Ghosting Graveyard” to attempt a reconnection!

Image: Tinder
Image: Tinder

The feature allows you to get back in touch with people that you once ghosted. The app creates personalized “ice-breakers” that singles can send to their former flames. One ice-breaker says, “We were just like Ross and Rachel — on a break.” Good one! This one might be my personal favorite; “Our conversation reminds me of ‘Game of Thrones’ — it deserves a better ending.” LOL! This is good stuff. And it just might work to rekindle your connection! It’s 2020 and this year has been a dumpster fire already…what do you have to lose?

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