Festive for St. Patrick’s Day🍀

Written by on March 2, 2021

Saint Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with sparkly green beer and leprechaun bait?!💚 You can either celebrate the traditional Irish way with a pint of Guinness or go festive with some sparkly green beer! When it comes to Holiday’s I always choose to be festive because why not?! It’s way more fun🤪 I also found the cutest green tie-dye longue set for Saint Patty’s Day and it’s linked on boldlipsandblondehair🍀 Scroll down to see how I made the most delicious Leprechaun Bait and Green Sparkly Beer⬇️

Leprechaun Bait💚

Ingredients Needed⬇️

• 1 Box of Lucky Charms

• 1 Box of Chex Mix

• 1 Bag Mini Pretzels

• 2 Bags of White Chocolate

• Green M&M’s

• Festive Sprinkles (Optional)

Mix Chex Mix, Lucky Charms, Pretzels, Sprinkles, and M&M’s in a bowl!
Melt white chocolate in 30 second intervals until chocolate is soft enough to drizzle onto the mix! Use a spatula to mix chocolate with the mix.
Lay the mix onto baking sheets with parchment paper until it hardens! Then enjoy💚

Green Sparkly Beer

Making festive green sparkly beer is super simple! Take your favorite beer and add Fancy Sprinkles Green Prism Powder and then mix. It’s as easy as that to have festive beer🍻

Green Tie Dye Set is linked on LTK and under $50!

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