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La Crosse County Prevention Network (LCPN) and 7 C’s Health Initiative are two local coalitions that focus on youth substance abuse and increasing community collaboration. 7 C’s Health Initiative focuses specifically on tobacco and partners with LCPN, which focuses on alcohol and marijuana use among youth. 

This spring, they are hosting a webinar series called Informed Families (all presentations will be held virtually through Zoom Webinar or Facebook Live).  We spoke with La Crosse County Health Department Health Educator, Judi Zabel, and Hannah Struzynski, a Health Education Intern, to learn more about this series.

The purpose of this series is to educate parents about current youth substance abuse trends and factors that may increase substance misuse. The webinars feature experts on parenting topics that matter most in the health of our youth and substance prevention. Their first webinar will be hosted on April 28th from 11:30-12:30pm with a 30 minute Q&A to follow. Hannah and fellow intern, Kiley Klauer will kick off the webinar series discussing practical information on current drug trends and red flags when it comes to your child’s room.  You can register for these events HERE.

DON’T FORGET! Starting April 28th, LCPN and 7 C’s Health Initiative will be hosting an Informed Families Webinar Series!…

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