Written by on December 13, 2021

The mission of Cia Siab, Inc. is to provide culturally empowering advocacy to the Hmoob Community through holistic support services, with the revitalization of the Hmoob language and culture as the foundation. They’ve been doing great work in our community since 2016.

We spoke with Executive Director, Dr. Xong Xiong, to learn more about all the ways they help support our community:

Cia Siab has programs for elders and youth, LGBTQ+, supports survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, and encourages civic engagement. She Hlub is a healing program to end gender-based violence and patriarchy. Paj Ntaub Circle provides a safe space and a support network for Hmoob women of all ages, while preserving the traditional needlework of the Hmoob paj ntaub. They also deliver food to the community, and a lot of it!

Thanks to Dairyland Power and your local Touchstone Energy Cooperatives, we are able to donate $500 to help Cia Siab, Inc. provide food and more services to our Hmoob comunity!

You can donate to support Cia Siab, Inc. if you’re able, HERE!

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