Written by on March 1, 2024

The Global Day of Unplugging exists to answer the US Surgeon General’s call to end loneliness and eager to help you up your game with your tech habits. March 1-2 sundown to sundown is the official time to unplug, but you can participate however you’re able. Their website has some great info and tips on how to improve your life by unplugging:

“Since 2009, Global Day of Unplugging has been celebrated annually in March. Whether it is 1 hour or 24 hours, at some point during the first weekend of March, people all over the world, will step away from their screens and intentionally shift into an offline activity, an in-person interaction, a real-life gathering or simply a meaningful conversation about their relationship with technology.”

Here’s some of my faves from their tips on what to do when you unplug:

Volunteer, play tag or hopscotch, create a scavenger hunt, take a road trip, and my absolute favorite: Go to the forest! I love getting outside I’m not sure if taking pics to post on Insta later breaks the rule, but whatever, make your own rules!

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