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I logged on to Twitter at about 12:30 today just to see what was trending. Between Kanye’s failed presidential campaign, the battle between Trump and the CDC, and bubonic-plague squirrels, this has already been a hectic week- and it’s only Wednesday! I guess this is actually a pretty normal week in 2020…. But one trending […]

Ok, 2020 has been the WORST year. We are living in a pandemic (I’m starting to call it “the pandy” to try to make it sound less depressing), protests are raging all over the country, and there are no sports. And since we won’t have Oktoberfest until 2021, I’d be fine fast-forwarding through the rest […]

While protests continue all around America, political statues are being toppled and destroyed. In Madison, for example, two statues were removed by protesters- one generic statue named “Forward” and another of Hans Christian Heg. To avoid a similar problem in the future in La Crosse, I thought I’d come up with a list of statue […]

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