Written by on July 6, 2020

While protests continue all around America, political statues are being toppled and destroyed. In Madison, for example, two statues were removed by protesters- one generic statue named “Forward” and another of Hans Christian Heg.

(Emily Hamer/Wisconsin State Journal via AP)

To avoid a similar problem in the future in La Crosse, I thought I’d come up with a list of statue suggestions that we can all get behind (hopefully).

#1. Bob Good

Bob is a legendary La Crosse-based photographer who can always be seen at the biggest local events bumping elbows with all the local celebrities. He adds brightness, color and life to every moment he captures- why shouldn’t he have a statue?!

#2. Jen O’Brien

Jen is the lunchtime voice of Z93, a lifestyle guru, and a local fashion icon. She has also managed to keep the entire Z93 team from going crazy while working from home. Now that’s statue worthy!

#3. TUGG

What would the local music scene be like without TUGG?! Now, this would have to be a group statue, which would be unique and pretty dope. Maybe we could do a Mount Rushmore type thing on one of the bluffs? I don’t know…. I’m not an architect or a sculptor, we’ll leave that to the experts….

I think we should build statues that are fun and lighthearted, statues that people wouldn’t want to destroy! A statue of Jen O would be way cooler than a statue of Thomas Jefferson in his powdered wig, knickerbockers and wooden shoes. Make statues great again!


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