Written by on July 6, 2020

Over the 4th of July Weekend, Kanye West broke the Internet when he took to Twitter made this announcement:

If you remember, Kanye actually announced he’d be running for President at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards. But with this recent news, it brought up a few questions.

Is this a publicity stunt? (It is)

Can he win this hotly contested election? (He won’t)

Ok, but WHAT IF Kanye won? What would that presidency look like? This got me thinking and gave me some ideas what his campaign and first few months in the White House would be like.

-While accepting the nomination, Kanye announces he’ll tapping Jay-Z as his candidate for vice president. While mentioning “Watch the Throne II” will drop this fall.

-January 2021: President West celebrates a win and holds his Inauguration ceremony at Coachella. Taylor Swift interrupts and proclaims Franklin Roosevelt was the best president of all time.

-February 2021: An executive order is passed that all Secret Service members must wear the shades made famous in the “Stronger” video. Also, Dropout the Bear, the mascot from Kanye’s first three albums, has been chosen to be Press Secretary

-April 2021: The Presidential Physical Fitness and Activities Test will be re-named, “The New Workout Plan” (Baby, we can work it out!)

-May 2021: All college entry essays will be required to explore the genius of the album “My Dark Twisted Fantasy”. (Seriously, how good is that album?)

-And finally, February 2022, President West’s first State of the Union will be the first to be entirely Auto-Tuned.

Feature image credit: AP Photo/Michael Wyke


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