Written by on August 26, 2020

The Girl Scouts have had a lot of changes to their style over the years, and 2020 comes with another wardrobe change!

These photos start in 1914 and travel through the decades, showing the changes in the Girl Scouts’ uniforms! Courtesy of gsblog!

“Students from the Fashion Institute of Technology helped create a collection that’s both functional and stylish”. It’s also perfect for the generation of young women who have been growing up with technology at their fingertips! The new design includes “modernized sashes with hidden smartphone pockets and cargo skirts made from stretchier, comfier fabrics, among other reinvented staples.” Read more here!

The brand new 2020 Girl Scout Uniforms!

I reached out to Sally Eagan, Director of Entrepreneurial Experience at Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Badgerland, to see if our local Girl Scouts would see the change in uniforms! Sally said, “Eventually. If they currently have a uniform, they do not need to change it out to the new one. Only new Girl Scouts or Girl Scouts moving to a new level would buy these.”

Members can pre-order the new uniforms beginning September 8th and there’s even a discount!

Click Here for the info!

Cover Photo Image Credit: Paul Sakuma/Associated Press

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