Written by on December 22, 2022

I love Christmas, Christmas trees, and saving the planet; so this seems like a major WIN!

DoYouGreen is a French company that uses recycled Christmas trees, tree bark and spiky needles, that are then processed with enzymes and turned into fabric.  The pine microfiber material apparently feels like ultra-soft cotton. DoYouGreen says their material has “absorption of perspiration 2 times greater than cotton and a touch of unequaled softness!” Shop here!

The brand’s website also shares the story of its creator, Sophie Young. Very cool story!

“DoYouGreen is first and foremost the story of a little girl, Sophie, who at the age of 6 preferred to build wooden houses for her dolls rather than styling them. And who from the age of 11 knew that she would become architect. But an architect already concerned about the planet! At the age of 25, she obtained her architectural diploma with the congratulations of the Jury, for having presented a selective sorting project installed at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. Feminine, a bit green, Sophie the architect was quick to imagine a possible link between the use of wood scraps and lingerie. It is the remains of the wood used in architecture that are transformed into raw material for Do You Green. The material thus obtained offers us surprising and unique qualities: absorption of perspiration 2 times greater than cotton and a touch of unequaled softness! Our plastic-free packaging is also eco-designed by the creative architect, like everything signed DoYouGreen, from production, to the green bar, via the yworld3 social network!”

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