Written by on January 11, 2023

In 2022 I discovered how much I love to cook and it’s something I am looking forward to doing a lot more of in 2023. Since we moved into our new home this past July I have spent so much time in the kitchen and discovered so many kitchen gadgets that I love. I am sharing our kitchen reveal along with kitchen gadgets I’m currently I loving⬇️

The Kitchen Aid Immersion Blender has been my favorite new kitchen gadget! Its been so amazing for making soup this time of year it’s a game changer. I bought it at Target and i’m so glad I did.
I’m obsessed with these Pottery Barn soup and sandwich two piece sets! We use them so much in the kitchen and I love them so much.

Here’s the Pottery Barn soup and sandwich two piece set!
Another favorite in the kitchen is these gold cookie sheets from William Sonoma!

Another favorite in the kitchen for making cookies is the Pampered Chef mixer and cookie scooper!
My favorite pans of all time are the Caraway Pans! They’re a must-have in the kitchen and the best quality.
My favorite Caraway Pans✨
My favorite Amazon bowls ever! We use them weekly for so many different meals. They’re so reasonable and good quality!
All of my favorite kitchen utensils are Pampered Chef. Nothing works better and lasts longer. Stay tuned for a blog post where I go in depth of my favorite PC utensils.
This taco rack from Crate & Barrel is my absolute favorite!
Saving the best for last with my favorite thing in the kitchen my nugget ice maker. Once you purchase one you will never go back to normal ice it’s the best!

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