Written by on January 27, 2023

If you’re a major planner and already making plans for the big game, you’ve been thinking about what you’re gonna serve at your party. But why wait until the Rihanna concert to bust out the good stuff?

There’s the Conference Championships this weekend, and next weekend is the Pro Bowl. If you have something you’re not sure you can pull off, Pro Bowl weekend seems like the perfect time. The game is usually pretty lame so if your dish is lame, too, that seems fitting.

Sure, you can just toss some meat and cheese on a platter and call it a day, but a few more minutes of arranging can take it from meh to wow. We put together some inspo for you so there’s not as much thinking involved:

I’ve failed at chocolate covered strawberries more than once so I don’t have the guts to try again, honestly. I don’t think there’s a rule that you can’t buy them already covered and add “laces,” though. Straight lines are probably something I can handle…

If those look like too much work for you, this one appears to be a 2 minute set up 😉

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