Written by on February 9, 2024

Chasing Passions want to help 16-30 year-olds discover what will make them happy in life. The group encourages them try new things, explore new hobbies and experiences, and hear other people’s stories on how they found their purpose in life.

Co-founder Gabby Hargrove said her whole idea around it is to use the “Butterfly Effect” in its entirety to help create a community of people who are happy in their own lives to help fuel efforts to help those in our community who really need our help such as the homeless/hopeless in our community.

Gabby and co-founder Mitchell Komay joined the Buzz to talk about the organization and their upcoming event:

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Have You Discovered Your Purpose Yet?

During this in-person event, they’ll explore different ways to find and nurture our passions. Learn from Michelle Malone, who has successfully reignited her own passion and turned it into purpose through creating multiple businesses, Collective Marketing and I&E Dance Studio. With her community in mind, Michelle created I&E dance studio in La Crosse, WI to provide a fun, empowering, and inclusive place to dance for adults 18+. Likewise, she created Collective Marketing to help small business owners thrive in their community.

February 16, 2024 @ Stoney Creek Conference Center (3060 S Kinney Coulee Rd, Onalaska, WI)

$10 Ticket – Free Parking

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