This is too good. The youngest Jonas Brother, Frankie, decided it would be hilarious to go as one of his brothers for Halloween. He was so right! Frankie and his […]

Tom from Magical Light Shows, the folks behind some of those epic Christmas and Halloween displays you’ve seen go viral in the past, is back with an epic show. This […]

It’s Halloween this weekend and you still don’t know what you’re going to be this year. If you’re looking to be like everyone else, the top costumes for this year […]

Our night guy, Grant, is a single dude and he’s enjoying it. However, he recently went on a date with a woman who sent him a message on Twitter. By […]

Carving pumpkins is SO much fun! This year it can win you prizes, so we wanted to give you some good ideas before you enter the contest! (Upload your pic […]

What are your plans for Halloween? We know, it’s a month away, but if you have kiddos, they’ve been asking for a month already. The CDC has released a new […]

This spring we were teased about a game based on the Disney classic Hocus Pocus that would be out for Halloween. Apparently we don’t have to wait til fall to […]

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