At my in-laws, we were discussing Thanksgiving staples and I remembered seeing a Pumpkin Pie Dip last year that I really wanted to try. Well, I forgot to make it last year, but it’s pretty high on the list for this year now! You can dip apples or graham crackers in it, or eat it […]

Carving pumpkins is SO much fun! This year it can win you prizes, so we wanted to give you some good ideas before you enter the contest! (Upload your pic below to score a gift card to a local restaurant) There’s a ton of cool templates you can print for free HERE, and all over […]

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s the need to be grateful for what we have. Every day we’re bombarded with stories of loss, struggle, spite, and more while doomscrolling. Yes, doomscrolling is a thing, and no, it’s probably not good for us. This brings us to the importance of reminding ourselves of the things […]

What are your plans for Halloween? We know, it’s a month away, but if you have kiddos, they’ve been asking for a month already. The CDC has released a new guidance for Halloween and other fall celebrations like Thanksgiving, Rosh Hashanah,  Día de Muertos, and more. The CDC says that a lot of typical Halloween […]

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