Aggravated Vikings Anticipatory Traumatic Abandonment Reaction Syndrome

Written by on September 20, 2021

I didn’t really high hopes for the Vikings yesterday. Just went in hoping that it would at the very least be entertaining. And for the most part it was. A thrilling back and forth battle between Minnesota and the Cardinals all game long.

Until it wasn’t.

As they were lining up for the potential game-winning field goal, that old familiar feeling of dread sank in. “They’re going to miss it.”, I said aloud. Sure enough, Greg Joseph’s kick sailed wide right. Really what can you do at that point but just laugh. A bunch of the unluckiest goofballs to ever suit up for a football game.

Now, I usually listen to the radio broadcast with Paul Allen while watching the game. But somewhere around the 4th quarter, I turned it off. Night Guy Grant texted me if I had heard PA’s call of the missed kick. I hadn’t until this morning. There have been legendary play by play calls made during Vikings radio broadcasts, and this is sure one of them.

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