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Last year around this time, finding things to be excited about were kinda hard to come by. But as we continue to navigate through these “UnPreCedEnTeD TiMeS”, it’s become slightly easier to find the silver lining in small things. A new survey asked people what “simple pleasures” in life make them the happiest.  And here […]

If you weren’t aware, there’s a page on Reddit for everything. It’s probably why I find it endlessly entertaining and informative. But today, I found there’s a page that shares memes and experiences of people who work at Target. If you’ve ever worked in a retail capacity, you can relate to a lot of these […]

I’m a really big fan of music documentaries. Finding out what an artist or band has gone through while dealing with success and fame is endlessly fascinating to me. The media company Vice has been doing a series of videos on YouTube called, “The Story Of” where they follow the story of an artist’s biggest […]

There are just some pieces of information that we really need to pass on to the younger generations. A recent Buzzfeed article asked the question, “What’s an adult problem no one prepared you for as a kid?”. After reading the responses, I’m feeling like we should have a class laying out some of these aspects […]

Earlier today, I was talking to Decker from 95.7 The Rock about the lineup of Rock Fest that’s set to happen in July in Cadott (Snoop Dogg is performing, BTW) and it really got me daydreaming as to who I’d really want to see once concerts are a thing again. Our “Live From The Sound […]

Usually when you see a celebrity or an actor trending on social media, it’s not for a good reason. But yesterday, that wasn’t the case for Brendan Fraser. Twitter users banded together to simply sing the praise the actor and the result was overwhelmingly wholesome! As one person summed up the vibe perfectly . . […]

Lil Nas X is certainly no stranger to internet infamy. He’s once again set the internet abuzz with his latest single and video, “Montero (Call Me By Your Name) and has gotten the attention of parents and the Governor of South Dakota. In the video for the song, it feature a fair amount of Satanic […]

If you’ve ever dreamed about fishing with a PRO… This is your chance to fish in a real tournament, with a real Mtn Dew Pro Fisherman!

The internet, as always, is undefeated. In case you missed it, a story about a man who found shrimp tails in his Cinnamon Toast Crunch went crazy viral on Twitter yesterday. The cereal company refuted the man’s claims but he went a step further and was planning on taking the shrimp tails to be DNA […]

The first two episodes of Demi Lovato’s new documentary, “Dancing With The Devil” was released to YouTube today and it’s an incredibly raw look into Demi’s struggles with sobriety up until her overdose in 2018. There’s really no stone unturned in the first episodes. She details her backslide into addiction after 6 years being sober […]

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