Author: Jesse

When it comes down to it, it’s a lot easier to buy Christmas gifts for your pet than your in-laws. Your pet will love whatever you got them and won’t […]

You’d think that organizations and companies would be a little hesitant about letting the internet name anything. The internet being the way it is and all. But the Minnesota Department […]

The news is just way too nuts today. You need escape. So watch the trailer for the new Transformers movie. It has Pete Davidson in it. That’s cool. You’re welcome.

It’s one of the most important days on any music enthusiast’s calendar. The day that you take a deep dive into your “Most Listened To” list on Spotify. And soon […]

You’ve certainly seen this pop up on your social media feeds in the last few days. Users are creating their dream music festival through the InstaFest app. It’s a pretty […]

Rochester, Minnesota native and UW-Madison grad, Yung Gravy performed in front of his biggest crowd to date on Thanksgiving. He took the stage at US Bank Stadium as the pregame […]

What started with a text message to a wrong number has led to a wholesome Thanksgiving tradition. You may remember the story of how Wanda Dench sent a text to […]

People in the Upper Midwest, we’re just built different. Tailgating in sub-zero temperatures. We all know someone who insists on wearing shorts all Winter long. And now this: Water Skiers […]

Even though it gets brought up in Christmas carols, I have zero idea what figgy pudding is. When it comes to holiday snacks, I’m going for ham and pickle roll-ups. […]

It has been quite the year for music and the 2023 Grammy Awards are STACKED with heavy hitters in their major categories. You’ve got the usual suspects like Beyonce, Adele, […]

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