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Ok, so I know that this is the 2nd post about Harry Styles in like two weeks, BUT, trust me, this is pretty cool. Last night, Harry played the Xcel Energy Center in St Paul and he spotted someone with a sign in the crowd that read, “SHOULD I TEXT HIM?” in huge letters. Harry […]

Although the boys in BTS have had to cancel their Map of the Soul World tour, they’re still out to create a positive message for their fans. Today, they delivered a speech to the United Nations during a sustainability event, promoting various goals toward ending poverty and preserving the planet by the year 2030. Along […]

I didn’t really high hopes for the Vikings yesterday. Just went in hoping that it would at the very least be entertaining. And for the most part it was. A thrilling back and forth battle between Minnesota and the Cardinals all game long. Until it wasn’t. As they were lining up for the potential game-winning […]

No one really says it but growing up in the 90’s was kind of a wild time. Especially when we worried about things that turned out to be pretty harmless in retrospect. Buzzfeed came out with a list of things millennials worried about but never actually had to deal with: 1.  The Bermuda Triangle being […]

Calm down, Packers fans. It was only the first game. September football is always kind of rough to watch anyway. And according to Aaron Rogers, he blames one of the picks he threw on Sunday was the result of getting hit in a very sensitive area. He said during his appearance on The Pat McAffee […]

Read any comment thread on a controversial news story and you’ll see hot takes from friends and family. It’s unavoidable at this point. But is there anything you see that will make you automatically unfollow or block someone? 16% of people who’ve unfollowed or blocked a friend said it was over politics . . . […]

Are you ready for some football?!?! Well, if you’re a fan of a decent team, that goes without saying. As a Vikings fan, I’m feeling a mix of “meh” and the usual existential dread that comes with rooting for the Purple and Gold. My misguided fandom aside, today I was surprised to find out that […]

A question was posed on Reddit recently where the poster asked, “What’s something that was great in the past but just isn’t as good now?” And surprisingly a lot of modern things made the list. For example, online recipes. If you’re looking for a recipe for chili, you have to scroll the whole life story […]

It never fails. There’s always someone who feels the need to camp in the left lane of the highway going under the speed limit. Drives you crazy, doesn’t it. So it begs the question: What do you feel that the left lane should be used for? A new poll asked 27,000 Americans, and the most […]

You don’t have to go too far into comment threads on social media and find someone saying basically the worst thing they can think of to a complete stranger. It’s easy to think that the only reason they’re saying something like that because of the anonymity the internet provides. But according to a new study, […]

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