Jesse’s Mess

When it comes down to it, it’s a lot easier to buy Christmas gifts for your pet than your in-laws. Your pet will love whatever you got them and won’t […]

You’d think that organizations and companies would be a little hesitant about letting the internet name anything. The internet being the way it is and all. But the Minnesota Department […]

It’s one of the most important days on any music enthusiast’s calendar. The day that you take a deep dive into your “Most Listened To” list on Spotify. And soon […]

You’ve certainly seen this pop up on your social media feeds in the last few days. Users are creating their dream music festival through the InstaFest app. It’s a pretty […]

Rochester, Minnesota native and UW-Madison grad, Yung Gravy performed in front of his biggest crowd to date on Thanksgiving. He took the stage at US Bank Stadium as the pregame […]

What started with a text message to a wrong number has led to a wholesome Thanksgiving tradition. You may remember the story of how Wanda Dench sent a text to […]

People in the Upper Midwest, we’re just built different. Tailgating in sub-zero temperatures. We all know someone who insists on wearing shorts all Winter long. And now this: Water Skiers […]

Even though it gets brought up in Christmas carols, I have zero idea what figgy pudding is. When it comes to holiday snacks, I’m going for ham and pickle roll-ups. […]

It has been quite the year for music and the 2023 Grammy Awards are STACKED with heavy hitters in their major categories. You’ve got the usual suspects like Beyonce, Adele, […]

Now if you’re not familiar with Nardwuar, he interviews artists and brings up obscure facts that seem impossible of him to know. Lizzo’s tour made a stop in Vancouver and […]

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