Jesse’s Mess

You could easily make the argument that Caitlin Clark is not only the biggest name in women’s basketball right now, she’s the biggest name in all of sports. Clark was […]

Coachella Music Festival is always known for iconic performances, bands reuniting and surprise guest appearances. And weekend one was jam packed with all three. No Doubt blew the crowd away […]

At this point, it would be easier to tell you all the things Travis Kelce ISN’T involved with. Multi-Super Bowl winning tight end, acclaimed podcaster and significant other of the […]

As a professional baseball player visiting American Family Field, the odds of getting run over during the Sausage Race are low. But clearly not zero. On Tuesday, Twins centerfielder Byron […]

Yoshi Beer Nommelier is a YouTube channel run by a Japanese man that tries and reviews popular beers. A quick look through his videos and you’ll see that he sticks […]

Is it petty to celebrate when a rival team falls flat on their face during their home opener? No. Not one bit. The Chicago Cubs opened Wrigley Field Monday afternoon […]

If you’ve followed Noah Kahan since “Stick Season” has been out, this doesn’t seem too far off brand for the singer-songwriter. Noah tweeted that he’d recently hung out with some […]

In what’s being touted as the biggest crowd that Times Square has ever seen (even bigger than the New Year’s Eve crowd), Shakira performed a surprise show to 40,000 people […]

19 year old Megan Pederson from Germantown has been battling a vascular compression syndrome over the past four years. And Megan says that Zach Bryan’s music is her escape from […]

Vermont State University has introduced an innovative course centered around the quirky and satirical music of “Weird Al” Yankovic. The course delves into Yankovic’s extensive career as a musician, comedian, […]

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