Japanese Airline Offering Mystery Flights For $45

Written by on October 13, 2021

After being cooped up for so long, more and more people are looking to get away. And an airline in Japan is looking to capitalize on that.

The airline Peach is offering domestic flights for the low price of $45 but the catch is that you don’t know where you’re going before you buy the ticket. You go to a vending machine in the airport, and they give you a code that lets you know where your potential destination will be.

It certainly appeals to a traveler’s sense of adventure, not knowing exactly you’re going. Plus, it gives someone a perfect opportunity to see a city you may not have thought about checking out.

Personally, if this was offered in the U.S., I’d certainly give this a try. Mostly due to being bad at planning at vacations ahead of time and the fact that I simply like just seeing what I can get into when I get there.

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