Written by on October 25, 2021

By now you’ve seen this viral tweet:

Why does it seem that no one has any self awareness as to how their behavior is affecting others when it comes to air travel? Instances of people taking their shoes off mid-flight is pretty common. Playing music without headphones or having too many cocktails in the airport bar and being disruptive, all avoidable when it comes having consideration for your fellow passengers.

Personally, I don’t find flying as one of my favorite things to do. Mostly due to just being uncomfortable. And really I just try to deal with it with as little annoyances as possible.

It may seem like it happens more often, people throwing fits over minor situations on planes due to social media, but if this person draped their hair over the front of my seat, I’d be hesitant to confront them about it. Who knows if they’ll fly off the handle and cause a scene? If there’s anything I don’t need in my life is being the cause of someone ending up the subject of yet another video of someone throwing a fit on a plane.

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