In Defense Of The Ham and Pickle Roll Up

Written by on December 20, 2021

I came across an article that listed the most popular holiday foods by state. I was very offended that Iowa’s favorite snack, the Ham and Pickle roll up was listed WAAAAY at the bottom at number 41.

Who came up with this list and why do I hope they stub their toe every day for the rest of eternity?

Ok. Maybe that’s a little dramatic. But they’re not giving “Midwestern Sushi” a fair shake. The flavors of the dill pickle, sliced ham and cream cheese just exist in such harmony.

Plus, if you lose track of someone you’re with at a holiday party, chances are you will find them hovering over a tray of these delicacies.

My only gripe with the ham and pickle roll up is that they are a giant pain in the neck to make. But when it really comes down to it, it’s worth the work. I dare call it a labor of love.

So when it comes to holiday party appetizers, you can go a lot of different ways. Bacon wrapped chestnuts. Meatballs. Shrimp cocktail. In my mind, they all fall behind the ham and pickle roll up.

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