Written by on September 21, 2022

Sounds like common sense right? But apparently TikTok trends are cyclical because I swear this was a meme a year ago.

USA Today reported that 1.2 million videos of folks sauteing chicken breasts in cold medicine have popped up in the #sleepychicken hashtag as of Tuesday. FDA officials are warning people that boiling the medicine can release concentrated vapors and expose you to high levels of the drug and it can hurt your lungs, too.

According to the article:

The FDA also encouraged parents to keep both over-the-counter and prescription medications away and locked up from children, and advised parents to “sit down with your children and discuss the dangers of misusing drugs and how social media trends can lead to real, sometimes irreversible, damage.”

And can we talk about how these dumb trends just put millennials and Gen Z’ers in a bad light? You just know your Aunt Karen is commenting on some Facebook thread about how we’re all just sitting around in our parent’s basements, eating Tide Pods and frying chicken in cold medicine. Just stop.

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