Written by on May 11, 2023

If anyone has had a week, it’s definitely Ed Sheeran.

From winning his copyright case to playing the Academy of Country Music Awards in Texas tonight, that’s a lot for anyone. He’s reportedly going to be performing his song “Life Goes On” with a surprise artist, which is very exciting.

But this may not be his only foray into the country music realm. While rehearsing for tonight’s performance, he told Billboard that he “would love to transition into country”

Ed said, quote, “I love the culture of it, I just love the songwriting. It’s just like brilliant songs.”. He went on to say that although he never really listened to country music growing up, he has Taylor Swift for introducing him to the genre.

“It was only being on Taylor’s Red tour and living in Nashville and her basically introducing me to that side of it.”, Ed said.

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