Written by on June 2, 2023

As much fun as it is to scroll Zillow to see what’s available in your area and what properties are going for, it’s a lot more fun browsing the Twitter account “Zillow Gone Wild”. It’s really fascinating seeing the unique and unusual additions to their homes.

One local listing has been going viral recently on the account. An “Over 8,000 square foot” home in Winona has been making waves and features a hidden library, “Minnesota’s first in-ground pool” and secret tunnel. And for a cool $750K, this home could be yours!

Do yourself a favor and click through the Twitter thread. This house is very cool!

According to KMSP:

Listing agent Jenny Cisewski told FOX 9 her favorite features of the 1912-built home are the craftsmanship and details, including the thick molding, built-ins, rounded doorways, ceilings, and the stately brick exterior. The property features two separate but similar mansions connected by a tunnel (the prior owner did renovate the second mansion into mostly garage space). In addition to the numerous bedrooms and bathrooms, the home has a hidden library and a billiard room, among other spaces. The homes are situated on 15 acres adjacent to Signatures Golf Course, with Minnesota’s first in-ground swimming pool, a gazebo and spacious greens.

Check out the Zillow listing here!

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