[WATCH] Blink 182 Releases New Video “One More Time”

Written by on September 25, 2023

A little late with this one but still worth a share.

Excitement grew to a fever pitch when the band Blink 182 announced that they’ve reunited with their original lineup of Mark, Tom and Travis. They were going on tour, they had new music in the works.

(They’ve officially announced their new album will drop on October 20th, btw)

But last week, they took a little different approach with a new song than their normal, wacky sense of humor that they’re known for. They released a song that’s basically a love letter, not only to their career as a band, but to each other as friends.

You’ll notice that the scenes shown from “One More Time” are all from various points from classic performances and music videos which really grab at the heart stings. Such a moving piece of music and I couldn’t be more excited for this new album.

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