The news is just way too nuts today. You need escape. So watch the trailer for the new Transformers movie. It has Pete Davidson in it. That’s cool. You’re welcome.

You deserve to be pampered, but this time of year you’re hesitant to spend money on yourself. With the holidays approaching; you’re buying gifts for others and you tend to […]

Amazon’s two-day Prime Early Access Sale is currently underway and it’s better than ever! To take advantage of Amazon prime deals you must be a prime member! You can simply […]

So, your favorite band is touring this summer. And of course you’re going to go but you already know that you’re going to get hit with crazy fees. FinanceBuzz.com has […]

Not am I only planning a wedding, but my fiance and I are also building a house! We can’t wait to move in this summer and make our house a […]

I love supporting local businesses around the area and love showcasing more! My sister just opened a new boutique in Galesville, Wi, and wanted to share so you can check […]

Season Opener Cards ARE HERE! Score big discounts, deals, and even free admission to select events & attractions! Wisconsin Dells Summer Fun!

John Mulaney is one of my favorite comics. He’s been open about his struggles with substance abuse and first got sober when he was only 23. Unfortunately, he’s struggled again […]

Details on Justin Bieber’s NYE virtual concert, how BTS works through conflicts as a band and more! Keep up to date! Follow Jesse on Twitter: @Z933Jesse


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