Major League Baseball Team Credits The Band Creed For Postseason Success

Written by on October 10, 2023

Perhaps the Brewers should have taken this path?

The Texas Rangers have had a wild ride this season. The entered the All Star Break this summer with a respectable record but weren’t really making waves. But that was until they unleashed their secret weapon: They started playing music from the band Creed.

They came close to losing their playoff spot up until their last 12 games but Andrew Heaney, starting pitcher for Texas, claimed that he didn’t start listening to the band until the second half of the season and also mentioned fans at Globe Life Stadium would be singing along to Creed and it would hype the team up.

Heaney also told USA TODAY:

He(sic) made it very clear that the Rangers love to listen to Creed, so if the team does not play any of their music before the game, they’ve failed at their jobs and I wouldn’t be shocked if the Orioles rattled off three consecutive wins.

I mean, baseball players are already superstitious. And if they find success by listening to Creed, they’re going to keep it up. You simply have to love playoff baseball!

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