Minnesota Library Releasing Limited Edition “Laser Loon” Library Card

Written by on February 15, 2024

You may remember that the state of Minnesota asked it’s residents to submit their design ideas for a new state flag.

To the delight of the internet, there were a lot of designs that were not only creative, but some were outright hilarious.

One in particular depicted a Common Loon (Minnesota’s state bird) shooting laser beams out of its eyes at a walleye. Why? I don’t know. The internet is weird.

That led to inspiration for the St Paul Public Library.

According to CBS News:

The St. Paul Public Library will soon offer a library card featuring the laser loon. It is only available to St. Paul residents, as are all St. Paul Library cards. Existing cardholders can get a laser loon sticker for their card or they can get a replacement card with the loon, but they will receive a new account number.

Courtesy of the St Paul Public Library

Hey. If it gets people reading and supporting their public library, I’m all the way for it.

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