New Version Of MySpace Looks To Attract Gen Z Audience

Written by on April 24, 2024

I guess millennials are going to have to get used to aspects of their lives being considered nostalgia.

Tiffany Zhong has spent the better part of ten years studying social media trends of Gen Z to create a “new” platform called NoSpace.

According to the New York Post:

Nospace users will have personal and customizable profile pages where they can share casual updates on what they’re up to. Nospace users will be able to share what they are “watching, eating, reading, listening to IRL” and “star” their interests to allow them to find people with similar interests.

With social media in the state it’s in, it really can be hard to keep up with what our actual friends are doing as opposed to what the algorithm thinks we want to keep up with.

And speaking of our actual friends, on NoSpace you can once again display the friends you are closest with. A “Top 8” if you will.

The social media app is expected to be released sometime summer 2024 but heads up, the waitlist to get signed up has 380,000 people on it.

Register and pre-download NoSpace here.

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