Swifties Opt For Cheaper “Eras Tour” Tickets Overseas

Written by on May 15, 2024

Cheaper “Eras Tour” tickets AND a European getaway? Sign us up!

As Taylor Swift has brought her massive stadium tour to Europe and beyond, many of her fans have opted to hop a plane and take in the show for way less than what resale tickets are going for in the US.

According to Consequence:

Consider the stop in Stockholm, Sweden this coming weekend, where, as of May 15th, the cheapest ticket for “The Eras Tour” landed at $70 USD, with the more coveted seats up front ranging from $190 – $300. Compare that to the October “Eras Tour” stop in Miami, Florida, where the cheapest ticket in the entire Hard Rock Stadium sits at a whopping $2,248.

And those tickets basically just get you into the building. So if you feel like YOLO’ing your way across the pond, that’ll certainly raise your Swifty street cred.

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