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I don’t know which is worse. Not knowing that you can drive to Alaska or that more than one person didn’t have this information. About a month ago, TikToker Sabriena […]

Consider this your “cruise-era” The travel agency, Marvelous Mouse Travels is organizing a “Taylor Swift-Themed” cruise that’s set to sail in October 2024. Unfortunately, Tay isn’t involved in the adventure. […]

Who said no one writes letters any more? Krystel Alston and Haley Briggs have been corresponding with one another since they were paired as pen pals back in 1980. The […]

You’ll be hard pressed to witness someone having as much fun as Post Malone had performing at the CMA Awards Wednesday night. Alongside Morgan Wallen and HARDY, Posty performed the […]

So yeah, maybe we pronounce our “o’s” a little long. And maybe just maybe some of us like to call soda “pop”. But dang it, it’s the little things that […]

By now, we know all about the story of Old Style beer around these parts. But it’s kind of neat to get an outsider’s perspective on it. Boyd Huppert of […]

Even typing out that headline gave me the ick a little. If you’re from the south, you already know that Duke’s Mayo is an institution. It was first made by […]

Safe to say they may have a future hockey player on their hands! Britteney Ayres and her husband Chance welcomed their son Sonny into the world on October 23rd and […]

Talk about having The Right Stuff!! 90’s boy band New Kids On The Block will head out on a MASSIVE summer tour and two chances to check them out in […]

“You know, this is Florida, anything can happen,” one beach goer said. Trust me. We know. An alligator was spotted swimming onto Hillsboro Beach, located in South Florida, Monday afternoon. […]

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