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The newly crowned Miss America, Grace Stanke, will join the Onalaska Show Choir Classic, at Onalaska High School, as a guest judge, performer, and more. Show choirs from Iowa, Minnesota, […]

If you’re not following Kayla Sullivan on social, you’re missing out. On Christmas day, Kayla celebrated hitting 1 million followers on TikTok with a blooper reel. We always wondered how […]

I love Christmas, Christmas trees, and saving the planet; so this seems like a major WIN! DoYouGreen is a French company that uses recycled Christmas trees, tree bark and spiky […]

You love your friends and they’re your chosen family! So you may want to celebrate Christmas with them in addition to your family gatherings. Or perhaps you don’t have family […]

Earlier this year, Dolly launched Doggy Parton — a line of dog apparel, accessories, toys and more with part of the proceeds going to Willa B. Farms – a rescue […]

You love coffee and you love our troops so Give Hanx this holiday season! Tom Hanks has launched the Hanx brand. The brand’s mission statement says, “At Hanx, we’re on […]

Many people are lucky to have a family to spend the holidays with. Others are not so lucky, or may not want to spend time with their family. No judgment. […]

The La Crosse Fairground Speedway launched their High School Racing Association (HSRA) in 2020, with Madison International Speedway. The Speedways’ goal is to provide youths an economic entry into stock […]

You could do a lot of things with your extra hour! We have some ideas for you! Brittany’s list: Productive Things you could do with an extra hour Rake Leaves […]

Halloween is coming up quickly, and you don’t know what to wear for your costume! It happens every year. We’ve got some fun, quick, and easy Halloween costume ideas for […]

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