A bit of Z93 history..

Written by on April 23, 2020

Way back in the winter of 2013, I started at Z93 as the night guy. A few months into the job, I offered to help out the Z93 Morning Buzz. Doing various tasks like grabbing audio clips and there were a few time where I participated in On-air bits.

Right around Easter, an idea was floated that I would dress up in an Easter Bunny costume and walk around downtown La Crosse, during rush hour, and spread a little Easter cheer as the Low-Rent Easter Bunny. Passing out various items like pens, cough drops, and other (garbage) things we had around the station.

It was fun for awhile until the 40 degree temps started to get the best of me. But the best part, was that a good amount of people, just trying to get to work, didn’t even react to a grown man dressed in a pink bunny suit. Just another day!

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