The Thing About “Fenderbergs”

Written by on February 12, 2021

Thanks to Tom Stryker, our morning show host from our sister station in Eau Claire, I-94, I was today years old when I found out these things have a name. And after a quick Google search, “fenderbergs” are also known as “crusticles” and “snerds”. And asking around the station, Decker from 95.7 The Rock calls them “snow boogers”. My eyes have been opened.

But what is it that makes defeating a chunk of frozen slop so satisfying? Why does it make you feel like anything is possible after taking one down with swift kick? And why does it make you question everything good in the world when you kick one with your toe and it doesn’t give?

My biggest problem with a “fenderberg” is the one addressed in the meme above. The temptation to clear one from a stranger’s wheel is always so overwhelming! How does someone see all that build up and say to themselves, “Nah. I don’t need to experience the only joy that winter in Wisconsin provides”

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