SpRiNgInG AhEaD. I’m over it

Written by on March 15, 2021

Today I read a stat that 83 percent of people say that they don’t feel that change into Daylight Saving (No ‘S’. It’s Saving) Time doesn’t effect their sleep. Doesn’t that figure seem a bit high? I mean, you can’t on social media without seeing someone complaining about how they’re dragging a bit adter we spring forward.

Personally, count me in with the 17 percent that get hit like a ton of brick this time of year. It never fails. The following day, I’m a groggy nightmare.

And it’s frustrating because I really try to avoid being so tired. Every year I make sure to just take it easy that Sunday. Maybe squeeze in a nap or two to catch up.

I’m almost wondering if it has anything to do with constantly fixating on Daylight Saving Time. Leading up to yesterday, I found myself looking at the clock and thinking, “8:00 right now. Gonna be 9:00 next week.” It’s like knowing that I’ll be struggling in the near future, just becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Heck, I tried so hard not to focus on the clock yesterday, went to bed early and STILL woke up like I closed down 3rd street.

So, let’s just end this nonsense. No more “falling back” in October. No more seeing it get dark at 3:30 in the afternoon. No more springing ahead for any reason other than, “That’s always how we’ve done it”. My attitude would greatly appreciate it.

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