Food Network Is Coming Out with Their First Holiday Movie.

Written by on August 26, 2021

After years and years of the Hallmark Channel having cornered the market of Christmas movies, a new network has stepped into that arena.

The Food Network announced that “A Candy Coated Christmas” will be coming to Discovery Plus in November starring Rae Drummond (The Pioneer Woman) and Molly McCook from “Last Man Standing” as a woman who returns to her hometown to cash in on her mom’s old house . . . until she gets to know the family that’s renting the place and makes other friends around town.

Not really all that different of a plot of every other cheesy Christmas movies out there. There’s that and the overworked woman from the Big City who goes back to her hometown to inevitably fall in love with a small town handyman or whatever and discover the true meaning of the season.

I’m saying if the Food Network really wanted to make a statement, make a movie where Guy Fieri is Santa and he spreads the word about the joy of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. The man treats everyday like it’s Christmas anyway. That’s a movie I’d watch.

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