Young People Are Complaining About Things That Were Better “Back in the Day”

Written by on September 8, 2021

A question was posed on Reddit recently where the poster asked, “What’s something that was great in the past but just isn’t as good now?” And surprisingly a lot of modern things made the list.

For example, online recipes. If you’re looking for a recipe for chili, you have to scroll the whole life story of this specific chili. I JUST WANT TO MAKE THE CHILI, BRENDA!!

Online dating has also gone down the tubes. Most apps have gone with the “swipe left” and it’s less personality based.

Facebook was once great. It used to be a tool see what movies and music that cute girl in your Bio lecture was into. Now it’s just your crazy uncle sharing conspiracy theories and getting into political arguments with complete strangers.

And YouTube. If you watch a video now, why is it that you can’t get 90 seconds into it, and you’re hit with an ad, AFTER YOU’VE JUST WATCHED 30 SECONDS WORTH OF ADS BEFORE THE VIDEO!!

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