“The Kyle Scheele Meal”

Written by on November 18, 2021

There have been posts on TikTok that have made laugh harder than I have ever laughed before. Others can be super cringy. But then a post comes across your “For You” page that you can’t help but follow throughout it’s journey.

Last week, TikTok-er Kyle Scheele concocted a plan where he made a cardboard cutout of himself advertising, “The Kyle Scheele Meal”, which is fake. He went to a local convenience store, set up the cutout and just wanted to see how long it would stay up.


Some friends try to get you into an MLM, I try to get you into an RHC (reverse heist crew) #heist #cardboardcutout

♬ original sound – kylescheele

There was even followers tagging Kyle in their posts, letting him know that it was still there. Even the chain Kum & Go got in on the bit.

No word on if the cut out is still there. But I like to think it is. What an incredible bit. TikTok is a gift.

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