Written by on May 31, 2023

In the summer of 2020, we really needed something to lift us out of the fatigue of dealing with the pandemic. We were so hungry for anything that would lift us out of the constant unknown and frankly, being surrounded by negativity. And thankfully around that time, we were introduced to a “fish out of water” story about an American football coach being hired to coach a soccer team.

Every time I’d heard about Ted Lasso when it was released to Apple TV, there was a common thread when it was mentioned:

“It’s just so nice!”

Over the last three seasons, we’ve seen the trials and tribulations of these characters and really grown to root for them. Especially when getting down to doing the work to improve themselves personally and mentally. And when they’ve made changes in their lives, it’s heartwarming and honestly very inspiring.

So if you have not seen Ted Lasso, do yourself a favor and binge it. And fair warning, the Christmas episode will fill you with so much joy and you will not be able to shake it. Take a look for yourself.

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