We’re thankful to have so many incredible medical care professionals in our community. Raj Naik, MD, is a pediatrician and vaccine expert at Gundersen Health System. He’s also part of the vaccine allocation committee in the state of Wisconsin. He’s a man who has a lot of answers to our questions about the Covid-19 vaccine, […]

You’ve heard a lot of things in the news about the vaccines for Covid. You’re not always sure what to believe. That’s why we leave these things to the professionals. The Z93 Morning Buzz had the opportunity to ask a few questions about the progress of getting the vaccine for Covid-19, here in the La […]

2020 has thrown us a giant curve ball, for sure! Seniors are missing out on their final year of high school, graduation ceremonies, prom, and so much more. Kids of all ages are having a tough time with this, but it’s also affecting parents. Meg Jelen, marriage and family therapist from Gundersen Health System, joined […]

Justin Kern, Communications Officer with the American Red Cross of Wisconsin, joined us to talk about how we can help our local Red Cross during the COVID-19 pandemic. Justin also talked about the increase of home fires since the quarantine has been in place. He gave us some tips on what we can do to […]

This is a tough time of year for allergies, especially with the worry of contracting COVID-19. Some of the symptoms are similar, however there are some big differences! Dr. Samantha Knox, a pediatric allergy specialist from Gundersen Health System, joined us with some helpful information! Dr. Knox says, “fever is never a symptom that goes […]

Supporting Local Businesses We’re witnessing unprecedented developments with regard to (COVID-19). As this situation evolves and impacts our community, we’re working hard to provide the resources you need. Click the image below for local business updates and amended hours of operations. LOCAL BUSINESS UPDATES HERE We’re in this together and together we’re stronger!

Megan Meller updated us on the amazing work that Gundersen is doing, creating local tests for COVID-19. These tests have a much shorter result. The results will come back in about 24 hours, instead of 4 to 5 days! She also stressed the importance of social distancing. Click Here for information from Gundersen Health System on […]

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